Sometimes responsive ads, whether it’s for search, display, or discovery campaigns, they can get messy pretty quickly. They require many assets to be added such as headlines, descriptions, photos, videos, and logos and it’s hard to really tell what really works and what doesn’t. This is where the Asset Report in Google Ads steps in to help you out.

Have you ever wondered what headlines perform the best? Or what photo doesn’t work well in your responsive ad? Being able to find these details can immensely help you improve the quality of your responsive ads and their performance just by replacing the low-performing assets with new better ones.

In this article, we will show you a sneaky little feature within Google Ads also known as asset report that will help you get a report where you can see exactly which assets work the best and which ones don’t.

Asset Report for Responsive Search Ads, Responsive Display Ads, and Discovery Campaigns

If you are running Search campaigns, Display campaigns, and/or Discover campaigns then most probably you also have set up responsive ads. For each responsive search ad you can set up multiple headlines and descriptions and for the responsive display ads, you are also required to upload photos and videos.

This is how to check the individual performance rate for each asset:

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account
  2. Select the navigation menu on the top left corner of your dashboard
  3. Select Search campaigns, Display campaigns, or Discovery campaigns
  4. Go to the Ads & Extensions section directly (or you can select a specific campaign first and then go to ads & extensions)
  5. Find the Responsive search ad or Responsive display ad you would like to review
  6. Once you’ve identified the ad, look for a blue tiny text that reads “Review asset details” (right below the description preview of your responsive ad)

In the asset report you should be able to see the different assets (headlines, descriptions, photos, and videos) and what you should be looking for is the performance column. Under this column, you will be able to see whether your asset is Low, Good, or Best performance. All you have to do now is focus on replacing the low-performing assets.

Here is Google’s official about pages for asset reports for Responsive search ads and for Discovery campaigns.

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